Recommended sites you might find of interest Teaching children of early years to play the Cello, Viola or Violin in a happy environment, with good technique and confident sight-reading.  A free service which aims to support musicians in every aspect of education and performance. We are the leading internet service of its kind in the UK helping thousands of people every week find the right teacher for them.   A site specializing in all things to do with string music. ESTA is a European Association for violin, viola, cello and double-bass players and teachers who are concerned with improving the quality of music education. One of the oldest and most respected communities of violinists on-line Fun user friendly books for beginner string players. Ideal material for both individual and group learning. Excellent site specializing in all things relating to the viola and to the violist Excellent and very reasonably priced music reading application for the iPad. Versions also available for both Windows & Mac platforms. Excellent American site giving details of scholarships available for those wishing to pursue a career in music performance. Creators of the outstanding and effortless NotePerformer plug-in for Sibelius, used to create sample recordings of scores on this site. Cannot recommend this product highly enough for those wishing to generate realistic sounding recordings of their orchestra pieces/arrangements. Eloise Hellyer's excellent and extremely informative blog - highly recommended for all string teachers!
I am most greatful Cindy Powell and her Junior Scouts for providing the following link Whilst working towards their Musician's badge, research led them to this most informative page, outlining the anatomy of the violin. Wishing them every success with all future scouting ventures.
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